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Sex Crimes

Sexual crimes are markedly different from most types of criminal charges and need to be defended by attorneys who have acquired expertise in this highly specialized area of criminal defense. A large percentage of these accusations are total fabrications made by people who have ulterior motives to falsely accuse someone of a crime of this sort.  False accusations are routinely made by people who are locked in bitter divorce or custody battles.  False claims also come frequently by people who have sex when they were intoxicated.  These claims often aren't made until the next day or even later.

In addition to the very serious criminal sanctions that can result from these types of cases,  the mere accusation of a sex crime, however baseless, can result in serious harm to a person's reputation and career. Such a societal stigma can follow a person for the rest of his or her life.  And if  the person is ultimately convicted,  he will likely face not only a long prison term but also a lifetime requirement registration as a sexual offender. Registration means that your name is made public which will undoubtedly severely limit your ability to find employment and housing or even drop a child off at school. Even a charge based on a romantic relationship between consenting teens, depending on the ages of the individuals, could result in jail time and registration for life. Many people give statements to the police and wait until they are actually charged with a sexual offense before calling an attorney. This is a mistake that can seriously hinder your defense. If you have been contacted by the police regarding an investigation into a sexual offense, it is vital that you immediately contact a criminal attorney. Do not give a statement and do not wait until you are charged.

The STSW Criminal team is comprised of criminal defense lawyers who have extensive experience in defending people against sex crimes. Our sex offense division is headed up by Partner, Andrew C. White, who was the Division Chief of the Sexual Offense Unit of the United States Attorney’s office during his decade long tenure at that office. Also on the team are Partner, Brian Thompson, who as an Assistant State's Attorney and as a defense attorney has handles scores of these cases and developed a particular expertise and track record of generating results in sensitive and challenging sex crime cases.